Holker's range of connectivity services cover both internal LANS, WANS and Internet options to get you and keep you connected to the world.

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Holker operates its own service provider MPLS network, capable of delivering a broad spectrum of connectivity solutions to its customers. Clients can take advantage of Holker’s Internet services as well as bespoke private connectivity solutions to link head offices, branch offices, the Holker Cloud, and other public cloud providers.

Whether you’re worried about someone digging through a cable or someone trying to infiltrate your network, a Holker connectivity solution can be designed with the correct security, correct technology, and correct levels of reliability to fit your business.

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LANS & Wi-Fi

HOLKER'S infrastructure support covers your on-site equipment including the installation, maintenance and monitoring of your switches, routers, firewalls and Wi-Fi.

Poor Wi-Fi coverage? HOLKER can get you 100% coverage.
Slow internal networks? HOLKER can speed you up.
Worried about Security? HOLKER can strengthen your defences.
Need a network audit? HOLKER can give you insight and identify issues.
Need to replace end of life infrastructure? HOLKER can get you up-to-date.
Need active monitoring? We can keep an eye on things for you.


Your internet connection is your gateway to the world and customers. HOLKER provides a range of cloud connectivity options to suite every need.

Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) for standard asymmetrical broadband speeds.
Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) for high speed symmetrical internet connectivity.
Ethernet leased line for the best Service Level Agreements from providers.
4G/5G solutions for remote locations and temporary work sites.
Backup/fail over options and geographically diverse connections.

All backed by HOLKER's premier support.


For multi-site connectivity, MPLS and SD-WAN are the premier solutions.

HOLKER's long experience connecting both educational and commercial sites together means we can get you securely operational with data flowing with the minimum of fuss.

Monitoring options give HOLKER engineers insight into network issues so that they can be resolved before they impact users .

See the Internet tab (above) for connectivity options.

HOLKER. Connectivity Benefits
Premier Support
Holker's service desk is your one stop shop for any issues whether they're internal such as a router or firewall issue or an extenal provider issue. Our engineers will ensure your issues are resolved as quickly as possible.
Keep Costs Down
With a selection of connectivity options you can be sure you always get the best solution for the best price. Unlike other providers we'll not leave you on a costlier option if there's a better one available.
Fastest Connections
Internet speed is location dependant but your Wi-Fi, LAN and WAN infrastructure can also have a significant impact. Holker engineers work hard to make sure you have the fastest speeds you can get.
Holker's managed firewalls help to keep you safe from internet hacks and our best practice solutions implement network segregation, DMZs and Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection solutions to keep your network secure.
Holker's monitored solutions nip problems in the bud so that your data keeps flowing. Speed, device health, bandwidth usage, network hotspots are just some of the things we can keep an eye on for you.
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