The advantages of having a Managed Print Solution for your business

Today we chat with our resident expert in MPS and ask what the advantages are of having a Managed Print Solution for your business, with a company like Holker

SIMON: Managed printing in a nutshell from a business standpoint is to reduce costs. The device itself is just a tool sat in the office usually in a corner somewhere, where people are used to just pressing ‘print’ for any document. What we are trying to do as a business is reducing the overheads for our clients, by taking on a cost per copy model. This means it reduces the overall cost of the total printing for your business.

It works a little bit like our IT support, giving the user the facility to operate within a business model, to print, to scan documents quickly and efficiently without waste. Other features and functions are available where they can utilise drop box or set it up to automatically save in SharePoint. Under the MPS package, you also have an engineer available, replacement parts and replacement toners delivered and installed. So, clients can make a phone call to request an engineer to service that device within a four-hour response time.

For example, instead of having to have an engineer out to service it once a year, where they pay for parts and labour at the same time, and then buying toners stockpiled in the stock room. Then when we went into lockdown, so the toners are drying out over a period of time, and people are forgetting they are there, and ordering new ones when they didn’t need to. So, you can see there is a lot of wasted money. But if they are on a cost per copy model, they are only using what they need to use. We monitor the client’s printers and are alerted when there is 20% left in the toner. This gives us enough time to order and deliver another toner, at the right time, when needed. Providing complete business continuity and cost reduction.

From an education point of view, they can use an application called Papercut. This further reduces cost in an educational setting. Papercut can set policies like duplex and mono printing for students, check if you even really need to print that document in the first place, and runs in-built reports with full visibility, tracking and tools for change. With Students wasting thousands of sheets of paper and ink per year, this gives the school or college another way to save money and make their printing more efficient.