Cyber Security
Cyber Security.

Protect your business against cyber attacks. Being Cyber Essentials certified can reduce your cyber-risk by up to 98%.

Cyber Attacks Are
On The Increase
Is Your Organisation Prepared?
HOLKER's Security Experts
Will Strengthen Your Defences

Cyber crime is your greatest threat

Organisations face many challenges – but a cyber attack can impact your business in many dangerous ways.

Loss of data, the inability to service your clients, cost of ransomware and cost of clean-up are just some of the dangers facing the unprepared.

Holker’s full suite of security solutions are ready to be put to work to protect your data, network and devices.

Act now to protect your organisation against the devasting effects of a cyber attack.


Cyber Essentials is a simple, effective, government-backed scheme helping organisations to protect against common cyber attacks.
Cyber attacks come in many forms, the vast majority being basic in nature and carried out by relatively unskilled individuals. These attacks are akin to a thief trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked.
HOLKER can guide you through the process to gain certification and help win new clients by showing your Cyber accreditation.


Hardening your network against Cyber attacks covers all aspects of your IT infrastructure.
Multi Factor Authentication, privilege review, firewall configuration, LAN segregation, user training, software patching, data encryption,. penetration testing are just some of the hardening techniques HOLKER employee to strengthen your organisation against attack.
All backed up with constant monitoring options to ensure no breaches develop.


Humans are often seen as the weakest link and a significant Cyber risk with up to 70% being unaware of best practices and not considering security as part of their role.
HOLKER can turn your staff into Cyber-Guardians with training against phishing, scams and bad practices, making them assets against attacks.
With regular phishing tests to help keep their eye on the security ball, HOLKER helps to ensure your security goes beyond the digital.

Increase in cyber crime during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Average loss by an SMB per ransomware attack with many going out of business.
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HOLKER. Cyber Security Benefits
Security Hardening
Holker builds your defences, strengthening account protection, network perimeters, server hardening, regular penetration testing and reviewing internal organisation processes to ensure best practice.
Staff Training & Awareness
The weakest link in security is often collegues. Holker brings them up to speed with training, ensuring they are aware of the latest risks and carrying out regular tests to identify and plug security risks.
Customer Confidence
Holker will guide you through cyber security accreditations, giving them confidence in your ability to protect their data and provide a service uninterrupted by Cyber criminal activity.
Remove Obstacles to Bids
A growing number of opportunities are tied to cyber accreditation such as Cyber Essentials. Holker can help you remove obstacles to tenders, putting you in front of competitors who pose a cyber risk.
Holker doesn't just deploy defences and forget. cyber criminals left to constantly attack may exploit a new weakness. Holker can react to cyber attacks, shoring up fences and blocking connections.
Protect Livelihoods
Holker cyber security protects livelihoods by protecting your organisation. Cyber crime can have a direct impact on colleagues leading to loss of income and in the worst cases loss of jobs.
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