Burnley-based HOLKER IT have been looking for sustainable and useful partnerships for our education clients, and we feel we now have the perfect trio of partnerships to roll out to our clients and new schools. HOLKER have launched an education bundle that ticks all the boxes in terms of environmental sustainability, cyber security, safeguarding and funding – all wrapped up with one point of contact, and one provider. The three partnerships are with Circular Computing, Senso and Funding for Education. Circular Computing are leading the way for sustainable laptops in education. They remanufacture enterprise-grade, leading-brand laptops to give them a new lease of life at a fraction of the cost of buying new. These laptops are not to be confused with refurbished quality, as they are remanufactured from the inside out, and new parts will be used if a replacement is required, during their 100-point quality check process. Circular Computing plant five trees for every laptop sold, which supports their carbon neutral approach, and with the WeForest partnership they also create businesses, through reforestation projects to generate sustained employment in vulnerable communities.  Senso are currently the only truly cloud-based solution to ensure that school devices can be remotely monitored and managed no matter where your users are connecting from. Following the recent monumental shift in how educational content is being delivered to students, safeguarding software has risen to the top of educational technology agendas, and rightly so. Protecting children against any harmful data is key to Senso’s philosophy, and Senco’s Safeguard Cloud does this and more; with Ai driven visual threat detection, violation dashboards, logs and even application logs, it really is top class control for all your school’s devices, keeping staff and students safe online. By its very nature it also tightens cyber security, reducing any harmful viruses by constant threat-checking. Funding for Education is the only leasing company to exclusively specialise in the education sector and have been providing a leasing program for over two decades. They help schools get the equipment they need, when they need it. Not when their budget allows. Leasing equipment has other benefits of course, for example, schools can provide the latest technology and innovative devices without worrying about the updates and upgrades every 3-5 years. This opens up the opportunity of specialist equipment for schools as well, for example Apple Macs and larger IT suites which may have been impossible without a lease-funding option. HOLKER can offer all the benefits of providing sustainable cost-effective laptops, complete with safeguarding software included on the device, and a leasing finance option under one ‘as a service’ fixed monthly fee, with one point of contact for your school, instead of potentially four separate suppliers.   For more information on our partners: www.circularcomputing.com www.senso.cloud www.funding4education.co.uk