Is your safeguarding software working?

Is your safeguarding software working?

Local authorities, academy trusts, schools, colleges, and further education institutions all have a legal duty of care to keep children and young people safe online. 

The Department for Education’s safeguarding software, which was installed on 2 million devices given out over the last 18 months, has now expired as of 30 September 2021. This means that you need to take control of your own devices by making sure you have your own remote management system.


Here at Holker, we’re serious about safeguarding. We have introduced the next generation cloud-based safeguarding module called Senso to ensure schools are fulfilling their safeguarding requirements around online safety and safeguarding.

Education specialists need to ensure that devices have appropriate filters and monitoring systems in place to prevent children from accessing harmful or inappropriate material from the school or college’s IT system. 


However, there are two new requirements within the definitions that have been created by the UK Safer Internet Centre for settings to consider to ensure they are compliant.  

Schools must now consider how their online monitoring solutions support remote learning. So, if a device is being taken home by a child, the online monitoring system should still be in place. Senso filter cloud ensures that devices that are going home with students are still appropriately filtered. 

The other key requirement and the new and latest requirement is harmful image detection. Senso safeguard cloud is designed to protect users using school-owned devices by proactively monitoring and indicating to relevant staff users who may pose a risk to themselves, to others, vulnerable or at risk, or inappropriate or harmful behaviour.

Why Senso is the right solution for your school or college

Holker’s Senso software also has a top-level overview of all violations across single or multiple site setup, and weekly reporting tools to gain a clearer insight into the number of violations made. 

Senso cloud easily integrates into lesson plans and works alongside your video conferencing software to help create a virtual classroom, while also ensuring students are kept safe, engaged, and focused. 

The all-in-one cloud-based platform for remote monitoring and management provides essential tools for IT management. Not only is it quick and easy to control, live thumbnails make monitoring simple.

Senso allows you to monitor and teach without distraction, while offering staff in charge of safeguarding real-time support, and simply tracking, monitoring and management. It even helps you save time and budget by identifying your worst performing or least utilised machines.

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