Burnley-based HOLKER IT have been looking for sustainable and useful partnerships for our education clients, and we feel we now have the perfect trio of partnerships to roll out to our clients and new schools. HOLKER have launched an education bundle that ticks all the boxes in terms of environmental sustainability, cyber security, safeguarding and funding - all wrapped up with one point of contact, and one provider.
HOLKER are on a quest to align the business, and in the journey this means we have introduced a new number, that is non-geographic and compliments our growing client base, that are nationally located throughout the UK and in some cases truly global. HOLKER have grown in size throughout the pandemic, both physically (actual people that are employed by the business) and organically with clients, by gaining new contracts through new business activities and also by acquiring PC EduTech in the summer of 2020, with 13 staff and 75 schools to serve for IT support.
Cyber security is a concern for most organisations, including schools, and this can be a minefield without the correct tools and awareness in place to tackle the subject head on. The Holker Group would like to offer some practical guidance, in preparation for new legislation, The Age-Appropriate Design Code of Practice, planned to be enforced in September, in time for the new school year. There are many security threats that all schools should be aware of. We have outlined 5 of the most common below and how to practically tackle them:
This week, we have been presented with our 5th certification for Cyber Essentials. This means we are accredited for the next 12 months as a Cyber Secure IT company, and we can also assess our client’s security against the official Government-backed Cyber Essentials certification to help guard against the most common cyber threats and enhance their security. Initially, we only had a small number of clients who required Cyber Essentials certification and this was mainly due to the fact that they were concerned about the loss of financial data. However, with the increase in remote working over the past 12 months we are now finding that the requirement for the Cyber Essentials accreditation has increased dramatically.
Holker have an unmatched understanding of MIS for education packages; as well as providing technical support and the full wrap-around of services, expertise and advice that enables us to deliver schools and colleges exactly what they need in terms of IT. Schools and educational facilities all use Management Information Systems (MIS) that are specialised for the sector and to comply with FE regulations, they are needed to capture, report and assess key data.

We are based in Burnley, in the North West of England and are proud to be Northern and UK based.

Our Helpdesk in Burnley deals with calls from all over Europe, the USA and South Africa every day. Whilst these people are based overseas, they are treated in exactly the same way as our clients’ UK operations, making us a truly a global business.
The Holker Group are delighted to announce its latest partnership with The Data Protection People. Partnerships are core to Holker’s ethos of being able to provide the best IT solutions and services, from the experts themselves, straight to our clients. Data Protection People was an obvious partner for Holker, as they will enhance the current portfolio with specific compliance and legislative services that many clients have been requesting. Holker listened to client feedback, researched the market, and can now provide a full suite of data protection services.
The Holker team from PC EduTech manage and implement all this tech, with on-site engineers, backed up by the Holker/PC EduTech support desk. Recently the school census has taken up a lot of the helpdesk’s time with data required in the correct format to make sure all schools were making the deadline from the government. The school census is just one example of the various policies, commitments and data gathering knowledge and experience that our experts in the education industry can help with at your school.

If you are thinking of a high-tech interactive Promethean screen/TV for your classroom, but are put off by the prices..... then The Holker Group have great news!

We have found that classroom screens and interactive whiteboards are in high demand right now, for obvious reasons, and due to our unique partnership, we can offer exclusive prices, for all Holker customers.

Promethean’s new ActivPanel Elements Series continues Promethean’s 20+ year tradition of developing purpose-built interactive displays for education that are designed by teachers, for teachers.


The Directors of Holker, in Burnley, are excited to announce that this week marks the completion of the acquisition of PC EduTech, a Bury based IT Solutions and Support company with a strong focus in the Education sector. They bring with them a flawless reputation in consultancy, support, training and administration for educational establishments, that will further enhance Holker’s established team and industry experience. PC EduTech and Holker IT not only share a small corner of the North West, but they share a common company culture and business ethos that combines bespoke solutions for specialist clients with honesty, transparent advice and best value practices, regardless of the supplier used.