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Central to the appeal of the Holker team is their understanding of the needs of the education sector today – from service delivery to financial planning – and the expectations for physical and digital classrooms of the future. 

Underpinning this is their reputation for delivering the best in security, embedded into every system and activity.

Unique within this sector is the focus on identifying, implementing and supporting the right Management Information System (MIS). Our consultants provide the essential training, support and guidance from initial planning, to everyday operations. Leaving school staff free to focus their valuable time on pupils.

Popular HOLKER. School & Academy Solutions
MS 365 Education Solutions
As the worlds most popular office suite Cloud solution, Holker's long experience in supporting and migrating to Microsoft's platform ensures a smooth experience for both pupils and faculty.

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Safe Guarding
Holker's all-in one cloud-based platform provides monitoring, management, detailed reporting and timely alerts to help ensure pupils and staff are kept safe, engaged, and focused.
Google Classroom
Holker's experience both in supporting Google Classroom and migrating to Google Classroom from onsite legacy servers and Cloud services such as Microsoft Education solutions.
On-site Engineers
Holker's full time onsite engineers give your faculty and pupils timely support and 5 star service without employing technical staff directly, with the backup of a full engineering team for holidays, sickness and support.
Spread the Cost
Enhance your budgets and spending power by leasing your equipment, giving you all the newest technology has to offer together with improved maintenance and manufacturer service.
MIS Administration Services
Ensure your pupil information is correct and up to date to help with accurate budgeting and maximising of available funds. Holker's school management systems take you to the next level.
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