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Telephony / VoIP.

Holker's award winning VoIP solutions connect your organisation and your clients, give both you and your callers a 21st century experience.

Don't wait for your phoneline to go dead in 2025.
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The Future is VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is long established technology for replacing the public switched telephone network. Bypassing legacy telephone companies and traditional phone line networks, a Holker VoIP solution can provide Unified Communications (voice, video, and chat) over your existing Internet and LAN connectivity.

With an entry level Holker Cloud VoIP solution your business can take advantage of features such as integration with your CRM systems, calls from mobile apps, voicemail to email, call transcribing, call recording and more. Holker also offer multi-channel contact centre solutions for businesses looking to reduce costs or improve their customer engagement.

Of UK phones will need to switch to VoIP by 2025 as analogue lines are turned off.
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The typical savings on phone bills compared to traditional PSTN based telephone systems.
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Typical savings on operational costs for organisations.
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Voice Over Internet Protocol

HOLKER's award winning VoIP solutions lower costs, improve customer service / satisfaction and can integrate with many CRM systems (standard and bespoke).
Choose the preferred Cloud based PBX setup for maximum flexibility and availability or install onsite to meet specific requirements.
HOLKER's first class installers and trainers will get your organisation up and running in no time.


Our Cloud based VoIP solutions support multiple sites across borders, saving on installation costs and inter-office calls.
Remote workers can use traditional handsets from home, or install the softphone app to take calls directly from Windows & Macs using wired or Bluetooth heads for hands free call taking.
Android and IOS (Apple) mobiles are supported, enabling colleagues to take and make calls from their office extension numbers.


First impressions are important and that's usually a phone call.
Benefits such as automated reception to direct calls, call queueing with caller place announcements, infomercials during music on hold all help to keep callers engaged (pun intended).
Integration with CRM systems, screen popping caller information, call back request options and direct dial options all help clients feel important and appreciated.

HOLKER. VoIP Benefits
Lower Costs
Using a standard internet connection rather than individual analogue lines, VoIP dramatically reduces need for individual telephone lines whilst supporting more concurrent calls.
Improved Customer Service
VoIP services offer functionality at reduced cost, so give your callers a 5 star experience with direct dial numbers, auto receptionist, queues, voicemail, client messages during music on hold and much more.
Integrated Business Processes
Integrate you VoIP with your CRM/line of business software to auto-enter call details, pause recording when taking payment details, popup caller information and more. Use VoiP to help drive your organisation's efficiency.
Remote Worker Support
VoIP frees workers from the office, allowing them to take calls on their normal extension number, with either a traditional handset at home or a softphone on a PC or mobile and extends your phone system.
Install a Softphone on your desktop, laptop or mobile and feel the freedom. Hands free calls using Bluetooth/USB headsets via your workstation, and make and take calls your normal extension on your mobile.
Cloud or On-Site
Holker offer both Cloud and On-Site VoIP solutions to suit individual organisation needs. Forget maintenance costs and get all the benefits of Holker Cloud or choose a traditional style on-site installation.
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