Desktop as a Service.

Flexible, secure remote working enabling thin clients
and easier device management.

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Flexible, Scaleable, Secure

Your Desktop Anywhere

Working from home and while travelling is a vital part of modern business. Holker can enable secure and simple remote employee access to their desktops, applications and other corporate resources from almost anywhere.

The service is scalable, clients only pay for the number of staff they need, but more can be added quickly. It is also flexible – new applications can be added without the need for site visits.

Holker guarantees the availability of the Managed Desktop platform – because there is no local reliance on hardware and staff can work anywhere from any device, organisations can stay up and running no matter what happens.

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HOLKER Desktop as a Service improves accesibility for all your organisation's core line of business software and data.

Regardless of device or operating system (Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, phone, tablet, desktop or laptop) your employees can access their desktop anywhere there is an internet connection.

This reduces administration, support, equipment requirements and roll-out times.


Desktop as a Service is a fully managed desktop solution, which includes creation of desktop templates for various user roles, together with updates, upgrades and operating system patches.

No more desktop configuration frees internal IT teams to get on with adding value to the business in a way only they can, knowing that the day to day management and maintenance is in safe hands.

HOLKER's DaaS gives your organisation all of the benefits with none of the management.

HOLKER. Desktop as a Service Benefits
Cost Effective
Fixed monthly costs and OPEX rather than CAPEX help manage budgeting. Extend the life of existing equipment with compute power at the data centre and utilise thin clients and save more on hard costs.
Easier Management
Managing large device estates and remote desktops can be challenging. Templated desktops for specific roles, simplified and Holker managed updates, up-to-date and easily verified patching.
Scalable at Speed
Ten new users starting Monday? Create a new desktop in under 5 minutes. Make use of most old equipment lying around, No need to wait for new hardware to be delivered. Connect via almost any modern browser.
Remote Working
Holker's virtual desktop solution is ideal for supporting remote workers. Invite workers to access their desktop through a browser link or application download. No difficult remote configuration required.
The virtual desktop keeps data secure, even remotely and on personal devices; ensuring files and emails are never stored on local devices and giving you complete control over how the data is used.
Disaster Recover Ready
Machines infected, devices lost or stolen, with Holker's desktop solution a user can log in on any devices and being up and working again without losing any work and with all their applications ready to go.
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