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Large & Enterprise Business.

Holker's range of enterprise services are designed to meet the challenges today's large businesses are facing.

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Working Together

Holker’s high quality, dependable, services and solutions are ideal for larger businesses, whether your IT is fully outsourced or provided internally, Holker can help.

We work alongside existing IT teams, freeing up internal resource by handling first and second line requests,  our senior engineers bring additional skills and knowledge to your projects, and our project management team ensures the smooth running of large scale projects.

Partner with Holker and gain access to our knowledge and experience delivering to the enterprise.

HOLKER. Popular Solutions For
Large & Enterprise Business
Cyber Security
With large IT estates, multiple sites and remote users, large scale enterpises have a wide exposure cyber attacks through phishing, ransomware and human error. Secure your data with Holker.
Reduce Costs
As companies grow so does waste. Holker can help you save, through Managed Print Services, licence reviews, outsourcing of first to third line support, cost effective user devices and infrastructure.
Disaster Recovery
Holker's Backup as a Service and DR as a Service solutions keep you doing business when things go wrong. Remote backups keep your data safe and infrastructure replication keeps you servicing customers.
Enterprise VoIP solutions keep your staff and customers talking with a 5 star experience. Team collaboration and video conferecing solutions bring your people together to work more effectively.
Consulting Services
Holker's suite of consultancy services include infrastructure and security audits, project management, process and system reviews and five year technology development plans.
Migration Projects
Migrating from legacy on-site systems to the cloud, data to new software, movng to new processes and procedures. Holker's experienced team of engineers can help ensure you project goes smoothly.
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