Hosted Servers.

Unsurpassed availability, fast solid state storage backed up by highly skilled engineers, all in secure UK based data centres.

Dedicated & VPS Servers
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A Solution Not Just A Server

Holker doesn’t just provide you with a server and leave you to it (unless that’s what you want).

Holker’s experienced engineers are on hand to help you migrate from your on-premise servers to the Cloud, ensuring that your applications are Cloud ready.

Project managed by professionals to give you confidence in your cloud migration; Holker is on-hand to help you migrate to the Cloud and support your business when you get there.

Of Businesses Will Move At Least Some On-Premise Servers to the Cloud in the Next 3 Years
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Cloud Migrations Fail Due to Poor Planning
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Growth in Platform as a Service in 2020
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Dedicated Servers

HOLKER dedicated servers give you all the compute power you need with no sharing of resources.
Designed to give service 24x7x365 and monitored and maintained by our highly experienced engineers, when you're ready to move from shared or colocated servers HOLKER's dedicated solution fits the bill.
Server and storage options to suit your needs, with Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) HOLKER can build the network you need.

Virtual Servers
Virtual Private Servers

Unlike shared hosting, each VPS is a separate isolated virtual machine with its own operating system and dedicated to each customer running on a shared physical server.
Virtual private servers are a great compromise between shared hosting and dedicated servers with the ability to migrate to a dedicated server setup as growth requires.
Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Managed Services
Managed Services

Both Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers come with Windows or Linux and full admin rights so that you can get straight to work.
But if you need additional help, such as migrating from another supplier or from onsite/colocated servers, HOLKER engineers are available to help.
We can fully manage your servers, including upgrades, security and monitoring to let you get on with your business if you need us to.

HOLKER. Hosted Server Benefits
Energy Efficiency
Help reduce your carbon organisations footprint, replacing old servers with moderm efficient equipment in energy efficent data centres.
Turn off that air conditioning and go green.
Save Costs
Say goodbye to maintenance costs, large CAPEX outlays, emergency repair costs, high electric bills and budget more effectively with competitive monthly invoices.
Migration Assistance
Holker is more than a server provider. If you need help migrating to the Cloud our highly experienced engineers will work with you and do the heavy lifting.
Here for more than the rare server issue, application compatibility issues, slow databases, problem websites; our experienced engineers have you covered.
Highly Resilient
N+1 power, switches & network feeds. Clustered storage and node options, multi site replication options. Everything you’d expect from your professional partner.
Infrastructure monitoring as you’d expect. Need to extend that monitoring to your private applications, databases & services? Let our engineers give you peace of mind.
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