Why would I use VOIP rather than a landline

In the first of our spotlight “Ask The Expert” sessions, we discussed the usage of VOIP for both business use with our in-house experts  Simon and Martin.

We’ve historically been asked many times by clients, “Why would I use VOIP rather than a landline”, and so it seemed right that this should be our first topic.

Editor: Martin, thank you for taking the time to sit with us this morning. Can we start by covering the reasons why, as a business I would want to use VOIP as a telephony solution rather than using a traditional-style landline?

Martin: Firstly, the money saving aspect of it features heavily. The difference between VOIP vs Landline – is huge when you compare cost, long term. A VOIP licence is minimal by comparison to traditional phone bills. If you think about the landline, and paying for mobile calls, UK minutes and international minutes, it all adds up.

Whereas with VOIP you pay for a subscription licence that comes with a handset etc, but the subscription covers in a lot of cases the UK minutes and mobile usage. Albeit there are different types of subscriptions. Depending on different numbers and different places in the world. But the money saving aspect makes sense for businesses.