Holker IT Support for Warrington Businesses

As you would expect from any IT Service Helpdesk, Holker have the knowledge and expertise in-house to deal with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line engineering issues, with a ticket system and escalation process in place that uses a priority system from P1 to P5, against individual SLA’s for each client

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What sets Holker apart is that we go to great lengths to recruit, train, and retain top people that live and breathe IT, and who take the time to learn about our customers and their businesses. Becoming an effortless and seamless extension of each company we work with.

Our Support Services team is a strong one, and our employees are happy and love what they do, which shows through to our users at every interaction, and our company culture is vibrant, which adds to the atmosphere and always works it way through to the customer in small ways, that mean a lot to our clients.

What they

About Holker

“Since I started working at Orbit Energy running the sales channels, we have relied on Holker and the expertise of their engineers for every aspect of our business. Not only have they delivered, but they often went above and beyond and guided us the right way for our business.
The team at Holker (Ash, Katie, Phil, Jordan, to name a few superstars), are absolutely fantastic and work within our budget to get us some amazing results we simply couldn’t achieve anywhere else. A great team and a great partner for our IT needs!”

Karis George, Orbit Energy

“I am impressed with our Holker engineer, Kyle, he’s very calm, reassuring and all round very impressed with his manner”

Alison, Business Manager, Peel Brow School.


“Pete has been amazing so far. We would have really struggled on site without his support. I am getting positive feedback from the staff already regarding things they have just had to live with previously and Pete has easily resolved issues which may seem small to you guys but not to our staff.”

Rachel, Chief Financial Officer, Denton Community College

Response to Remote Working in the UK

These clients have also seen a large change in 2020 with remote working, following the recent COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest government statistics, 48% of employees expect to work from home post-pandemic and by 2030, the traditional 9 to 5 working day will no longer exist.

With this remote working trend rising, it doesn’t surprise us that Holker’s out of hours IT Support has increased by 12% in the last 12 months from November 2019. This, we expect will rise further, and we offer extended working hours on all our Contracts now to reflect this change, with the resources already in place.

Scaleable IT Support for Warrington

Further to our excellent customer service, our support team look after over 24,000 users in over 200 businesses, comprising employees and students in large, medium, and small businesses, as well as schools and colleges in the UK.

For IT Support for Warrington Businesses, Holker are the team to trust. Solid, dependable, structured and reliable IT Support