Cyber Essentials – protecting your valuable information

Building on Holker IT’s successful Cyber Essentials accreditation, we are pleased to report that 3 more engineers have joined Matthew Metcalfe as Holker IT Accredited Cyber Essentials Practitioners.

This will enable Holker IT to further develop our security expertise and ensure that we continue to provide our customers with the highest possible solutions when it comes to security.

Phil Whitehead, Andy Pollard and James Dewhurst are all looking forward to the challenge of advising, designing and implementing IT systems to meet the new standards set by GCHQ & MI5.

‘Cyber Essentials accreditation will allow our customers to operate their IT systems with the confidence that they are secured against the increasing volume of commodity threats emanating from the internet, such as phishing emails, malware and hacking attempts’
Matthew Metcalfe, Managing Director Holker IT