Recently the school census has taken up a lot of the helpdesk’s time with data required in the correct format to make sure all schools were making the deadline from the government.

The Holker team manage and implement all this tech, with on-site engineers, backed up by the support desk.

The school census is just one example of the various policies, commitments and data gathering knowledge and experience that our experts in the education industry can help with at your school.

MIS software is a must-have for all schools, to keep up to date with the DfE reporting requirements. Our teams have worked alongside RM School Management Solutions for more than a decade, developing the working practices to ensure data quality and effective use of the systems to aid administrative functions.

We have been accredited for RM Integris support from almost its invention, which was the first MIS software system to use cloud services. Recently we have become approved for Arbor, technically for consultancy and also for support, which is the ‘new kid of the block’ in the MIS world and is the fasting growing solution in the market right now.

All this, as well as cabling and digital signage to audio visual installations, printers and copiers and site wide installations, talk to our team today on 01204 885880 or email education@holkerit.co.uk