Holker appoint Paul Taylor as Technical Director

Paul Taylor

Holker has appointed Paul Taylor as Technical Director.

Paul joins fellow directors Matthew Metcalfe, MD, and James Dewhurst, FD, on the board at the 47-strong team.

Paul, formerly Head of Cloud Services, is one of Holker’s team of industry leading experts with real technical knowledge.

His IT career started in software development, following a Computer Science degree. It took a natural shift into IT support and infrastructure engineering – where Paul found his passion specialising in networking and cloud solutions during a period as the cloud infrastructure manager at a regional ISP.

Today Holker’s Cloud offer provides a future proofed and turnkey solution for more than 120 clients including MKT Logistics and educational institutions like Denton College in Manchester.

When asked what the new appointment means to Holker, Paul said he brings more ideas and a different perspective to the mix, utilising his technical expertise, market knowledge and sector experience.

He said: “Now there’s three directors, there’s more energy and we can tackle bigger issues facing our customers together.

“It’s exciting, and it’s a natural extension for me. I like building solutions to make customers happy – now it’s just that the solution is bigger and it’s not 1:1 feedback from the clients about me, but about the company’s service.”

Paul’s role means he will serve as the technical point of contact for the team, represents the company’s interests, directing the team as they work on the projects, and facilitating technology transfer during the project. His priority areas will be the company’s Paul’s main responsibility will be the technical side of the business professional services support and service desk.

Holker is continually looking to improve and evolve to further improve the customer experience, the knowledge and skill set of the team – leading to further growth of the business.

Matthew Metcalfe, MD, congratulated Paul on his promotion.

He said: “Paul is an incredibly capable individual who has a wealth of knowledge about the IT industry and the ability to spot opportunities in the future for the business.

“Now that Paul has become a director, it gives Holker scope to look at new and innovative products and services we can offer customers, supported by a knowledgeable and experienced help desk and support team.”

Next for Holker is further development of their managed security services offer, and developing other new services, once again with security at their core.

Paul added: “I’m pleased to say that during Covid Holker invested and delivered in Cloud services and we saw an uptick in the need for these services as more people worked remotely.

“The Cloud Services team is now self-sustaining, so my attention has turned to the wider business offer so we can focus on different areas of the business and understand how they work and how they could be improved though tech.”