How Can We Help?

Choosing and using IT shouldn’t be a battle. Technology is there to help your company do what it does, better. By unlocking the best ways to work, you will drive business and operational efficiencies, save time and money and build effective teams. In turn, this ultimately builds stronger client relationships.

We know how to help you do that. From tackling specific problems to designing complete IT systems, we talk your language, understand your needs, then find the right tools to help you manage your business today, and build your company tomorrow.

Good technology sits quietly at the heart of your business, reducing risk and enhancing performance, securely helping you, your colleagues, and your clients.  And when you grow, we are there to make sure your tech grows with you.

If you are looking for an IT provider who works as a strategic partner, without the jargon, then talk to Holker. 


Good technology is smart technology. If it is not helping your business, then what is it for?

We understand how businesses work and what they need. The efficient use of IT – deploying the right technology at the right time – is fundamental to the functioning of a company and how it reacts to both challenges and opportunities.

We look at value in a different way to the typical company.  Not the value of what we deliver but the value that it delivers to the company.  And for this we use the metrics of the boardroom – from productivity to security, from flexibility to resilience. We understand the complexities of IT, but we never forget that our job is simple. To help our clients do what they do best… Even better.

For a refreshing approach to tailored, business orientated IT, talk to Holker today.


From education to energy, logistics to retail, we have the breadth and depth of expertise to deliver everything from full IT refreshes to bespoke adaptations, legacy problems and new challenges.


We’ve helped companies in the Education, Commercial, Transport and Logistics, Energy, Utilities and Manufacturing sectors, to name but a few. This means that we talk your language and understand your business from day one. We know their differences and we know their similarities and we appreciate that IT failure in data rich, customer-centric environments is not an option.  And with understanding comes the ability to make our systems work, well. 


Being able to plan and manage day to day budgets with confidence and accuracy has never been more important. From large infrastructure projects to day-to-day operations, we give you the security of knowing all services agreed come with a clearly defined scope of operations and fixed fees ensuring no hidden surprises. We listen to our clients’ needs, understand their businesses and focus on what they need.


Our help desk, and your dedicated account manager who knows your sector, are there for you every step of the way. Any problem, any time, we have the knowledge to keep your systems running smoothly.

The peace of mind of expert resource coupled with Holker’s partnership principle recognises that our client’s success is integral to that of our business. And that is why Holker sees itself as your IT department.


System and data security is not a bolt-on service, it is at the core of everything we do. The safety of commercial and customer data is vital to the performance and reputation of businesses. Our experience in Education and Utilities, managing data rich and sensitive environments, has driven us to embed security into all that we do.


Secure, quick and easy access to the systems your teams need, whether they are at home, in the office or in the field. We enable teams to collaborate wherever they are, without compromising the efficiency of the network. This means flexibility for businesses on a day to day basis and the ability to scale without compromise. Holker constantly review new technologies and will recommend changes if we think it’s appropriate for your business.

We also design robust new solutions, under your brief, and always in partnership.


Integrating sites for seamless scaling

IT systems should be designed with flexibility in mind, now more than ever. All good businesses adapt, and the best continue to grow. We’ll help you change if and when you need to. Whether you grow organically, or by acquisition, we know how to future proof systems and to bring together networks. Minimising down time and delivering efficient economies of scale.