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From traditional IT services to cloud resources, Holker has the right solutions for you, underpinned by a focus on the business resilience and security essential in today’s world. We demystify technology, offering intelligent strategic planning backed by practical solutions.  Giving our clients the reassurance they need to get on with their day-to-day business.

How secure is your personal data on WhatsApp?

With the rise of online communication and the Covid-19 pandemic forcing companies to operate remotely, messaging apps like WhatsApp have become increasingly popular for business purposes.

The Zero Trust Model: A Comprehensive Overview for Businesses

As businesses continue to operate in an increasingly digitised and connected world, cybersecurity is a critical aspect that cannot be overlooked.

Prince & King: Case Studies

Security online is hugely important to any firm, but it is vital for a company within the financial services sector. Prince & King, a financial services firm based in Earby, Lancashire, have long sought the expertise of Holker IT.

Access Point: case study

Access Point has been a customer of Holker’s for more than 15 years. But what is it that stands Holker apart from the competition?

Improving Working Together

You may not know ABP - but your kids will know their products

Powering the Energy Sector

In an industry where efficiency is all, Holker sorts the systems that help PFP Energy serve 8,000 businesses.