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From traditional IT services to cloud resources, Holker has the right solutions for you, underpinned by a focus on the business resilience and security essential in today’s world. We demystify technology, offering intelligent strategic planning backed by practical solutions.  Giving our clients the reassurance they need to get on with their day-to-day business.

Powering the Energy Sector

In an industry where efficiency is all, Holker sorts the systems that help PFP Energy serve 8,000 businesses.

Ahead in Education

More than 20,000 students, teachers and school staff alike, learn with Holker & PC Edutech, every day.

Silver Lining

Businesses are moving on up - the present AND the future is in the cloud.

Remote & Secure?

The future of office everywhere is already replacing the traditional working environment.

Meet Paul: The Cloud

The cloud is creating a huge buzz in the IT industry - Holker has the expertise to explain what it means to your business.

Bringing School Home during lockdown

Creating a good home teaching environment was crucial for the development of children.


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