Everything else VOIP

In this final instalment of our VOIP drill-down we ask Martin and Simon about anything and everything else VOIP. What is the clinching factor in deciding why a business should switch to a non-landline solution

MARTIN: The applications are also a big thing now.

SIMON: The flexibility of applications means that your mobile users do not need to have a company mobile anymore. They can have a direct dial assigned to them and can answer the phone through the app. Therefore, it abolishes the double cost implication with traditional phone systems. It also means that sales’ people like myself, can use our own personal mobiles without having a company mobile or a desk telephone and still be able to send and receive calls as if I were sat in the office, even when I’m at home. For remote working, this then makes it far easier to do your job. In the COVID-19 world we are in at the minute, more businesses are taking advantage of VOIP solutions for this reason. Some were ahead of the gun, and already had this in place and some companies have had to scramble.

MARTIN: VOIP has come a long way in the last 5 years, the applications have been developed a lot further, and VOIP isn’t new, let’s be honest, but the apps and the way it interacts with TEAMS and other collaborative products have come a long way.