How does Holker’s IT support work for businesses

In this, the second of our spotlight “Ask The Expert” sessions, we discussed the IT Support services offered by Holker with our in-house expert  Steve McGrath.

Many potential clients are in a situation where they simply can’t afford to have an in-house it support crew, or want to streamline by outsourcing. Steve answers the more pertinent questions on the topic that always crop up

EDITOR: Steve, thank you for taking the time to sit with us this morning. Can we start by covering the reasons how, for businesses, Holker’s IT Support services would work for them?

STEVE: Holker’s IT Support in a managed service provider world is where we come in, and this is where organisations don’t have their own IT department, so we provide this service for them, and that can be one or many components of what we offer as a business. So, total IT support for organisations, managing their infrastructure and network, providing telephony and the full back end support, underpinned by the SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) which means the customer knows what level of service they are getting, at all times.

From a back-end perspective, we provide businesses with the full spectrum of engineering support, from 1st line right through to senior 3rd line engineers. We are exceptionally confident, that whatever the given issue we can resolve, and always plan to do that, within the bespoke SLA.

Businesses feel confident in Holker’s ability to manage their IT, and to a business, IT is merely a tool to enable them to do their job, so letting us proactively manage their IT estate, leaves us to worry about the capacity and availability of servers etc. Customers don’t need to know this, its just the good stuff we do naturally behind the scenes within our IT function.

When our customers get into work every day, they just want to log on and work. And by using an external company like Holker to manage their IT behind the scenes, it enables them to do just that