Meet Paul: The Cloud

Cloud applications such as Microsoft 365 are now essential for most businesses , so what can we give you that other suppliers can’t? Paul Taylor, Head of Cloud Services, explains why the Holker Cloud is unique and how it can help your business.

Holker offers a flexible budget plan. You pay for what you use, and you can scale up and down by adding and removing applications. This ensures our clients don’t get stuck with an investment in IT they can’t change until the renewal date.

Paul explains, “Cloud Services have come into their own particularly this year –  no one could have expected how quite unpredictable it’s been. Cloud solutions give you the option of changing your system, rather than holding on to outdated IT or reaching into your pocket for another large sum of money. It gives you the option of not letting your business plan be dictated by IT’”

The Holker Cloud is a more bespoke model than the ones provided by the traditional big players like Microsoft, Google and Amazon. SMEs often need more flexibility and a simpler support model. Paul expands on this: “What I mean is that the big players are very much geared up for everything being automated, for large systems, automatic provisioning. It’s very granular in that you are charged for every little thing. Not just your storage, every time you access the storage; not just your bandwidth, but every time you send any traffic.”

“Everything is itemised and what that means is that it can be very difficult to predict what the cost is going to be.  Often, being able to specify requirements and come up with predictable costs is more work than the actual task being undertaken. Customers are just looking for a simpler costing model, whether that be per user, or per application, but without all these individual little things being added on”.

With the Holker Cloud, one point of contact is all you need, one company to manage everything IT related.

Paul sums it up well when he says, “The Holker team manage your apps as well as your cloud solutions and support for incidents. They give you simple pricing models, and advise on any changes as business requirements change. They supervise the whole process of moving to all the benefits of the cloud solutions while not adding any difficulty or headache.

“What Holker bring to the table, particularly with the cloud solutions and services, is that they understand your business, your applications and how everyone works. – We understand the people that are sitting in your offices, and we understand the cloud infrastructure and the IT. Holker join all this up and get it all in the same room. We understand your business end to end and your IT end to end without having to bring in third parties and all the difficulty that brings.”

Paul concludes by saying, “Ultimately, Holker take responsibility for your IT – from the person sitting in front of the keyboard, to the servers, the cloud infrastructure, and connectivity…the whole piece.  We also provide account managers to talk to you about your business requirements, NOT your IT requirements’.

With the Holker Cloud, one point of contact is all you need, one company to manage everything IT related.