HOLKER – saving the planet one laptop at a time

Martin Brelsford holding the certificate for sustainability outside Holker.

HOLKER has sold 222 remanufactured laptops in partnership with Circular Computing.

Our carbon neutral remanufactured HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops deliver up to 40% cost savings compared to brand new latest models, as well as significant sustainability benefits.

The benefits include 1,110 trees being planted on HOLKER’s behalf overseas in countries like India and Africa working with reforestation partners, 266,400kgs of resources preserved, 42,180,000 litres of water saved and 133,200kgs of sequested carbon emissions.

The hardware is completely remanufactured and tested to BS 8887 standards by a trusted, Kitemark certified business.

Martin Brelsford, our Business Development Manager, said: “The Circular Computing remanufactured laptops are ideal for environmentally aware businesses and schools who want to reduce their carbon footprint without impacting on the performance of their technology.

“The hardware is ideal for general office users and pupils but comes at a fraction of the cost.”

As well as taking delivery of our first electric vehicle, we have taken steps to make our offices more environmentally friendly. Not only have we fitted our offices with LED lighting, but we have had two electric charging points installed for staff and visitors.

We also work with fellow Burnley business Recycle IT, a hardware recycling company passionate about electronic waste reduction.

Luke Doneghan, Sales Director at Circular Computing, said: “Congratulations to Holker and its customers who have helped to lower CO2 emissions by 133,200 kgs through the purchase of 222 remanufactured laptops.

“The Circular Computing initiative not only reduces carbon emissions, but also supports clean energy projects, boosting local economies, protecting woodland and helping to cool the Earth, all without asking the end customer to compromise on their IT requirements.”

Martin said the company has pledged to further support to improving Holker’s green credentials.

“We are delighted that 1,110 trees have been planted on behalf of Holker and our customers – but we’d like to take a step further. We will plant a tree for every 5 Circular Computing devices sold on our premises, or on the premises of our customers.”

A planting day will take place later in the year at our Network 65 headquarters.

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