Marcus passes exams with flying colours

Marcus Farran in his HOLKER uniform

Congratulations to Marcus Farran – who has passed his Integris exam less than two months after joining HOLKER.

Integris is a software solution used by schools to manage data such as register, grades, addresses, and other student data.

Marcus, 33, Support Engineer at Holker, is now an RM Integris support partner and can proficiently support customers and answer their queries.

Marcus said: “I didn’t know anything about the platform when I started at HOLKER but the training was appealing when I applied for the job.

“I have undergone an intensive training programme, carrying out lots of research and online videos and I was really happy to pass with 83%.”

The exam consisted of an online test in exam conditions, overseen by an examiner.

Marcus added: “I put a lot of effort into studying for the exam and I’m really proud that I’ve managed to pass it first time.

“The accreditation now enables me to provide help and information around best practice to customers when they have questions on how to use the software.

“I have already had a lot of calls that have put my knowledge into action. I’ve been able to answer all the queries I’ve had from customers so far. I’m going to continue to develop my knowledge and become even more proficient in the application.”

Marcus was praised by Matthew Metcalfe, MD of HOLKER.

Matthew said: “Marcus has shown a real flair for learning. The Integris test is intense – and passing the exam with flying colours just weeks after learning about the platform is a real testament to his dedication.

“Here at HOLKER, we place a great amount of importance in keeping our skills sharp and learning through accreditations and peer to peer support. This approach ensures all members of the team are knowledgeable and offer best in class support for our customers.”

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