Are your ready when Windows Server 2003 becomes ‘End of Life’?

Yes, we will all miss Server 2003, after 12 good years of service to countless millions of organisations across the globe, Microsoft is finally retiring Server 2003 from it’s product range.

But what will this mean for anyone still reliant on this stalwart operating system?

Well, no more security updates is probably the main issue facing anyone with Server 2003 still running their core business applications. Security patches close the vulnerabilities that hackers look to exploit and so no more fixes means your system will be increasing vulnerable to malware attacks.

Lack of access to the new features of Windows Server 2012 R2?

Clearly you aren’t going to miss what you have never had, but IT professional like Holker IT will undoubtedly be looking to build skills in the newer technologies and so skills in problem solving issues with Server 2003 will start become much thinner on the ground.

So our advice? Don’t get left behind, naturally. If you are still running Server 2003 it’s clearly time to upgrade unless you are absolutely certain you have the skills and disaster recovery in place to rebuild a Windows 2003 Server. After all, Server 2003 has served you well and your business will have had good value from it’s investment by now.

OK so far. Now for the good stuff. Server 2012 R2 has plenty of great features to make sure your next technology investment continues to add value to your business over the next 5 to 10 years.

  • Integrated virtualization
  • Extensive scalability – more RAM more speed
  • Operational roles
  • Improved security
  • Script execution capabilities
  • Improved reliability – Dual power, dual network cards – Servers running 2012 are built to perform.

And while it might seem a daunting prospect migrating to the latest operating system, with the right support, migrating from Server 2003 will not be a painful experience, in fact Holker IT guarantee you won’t even notice.

For more information, contact Holker IT for practical, sensible and good value technology advice for your business.