Think Before You Click

This is the title of our 2015 campaign, to educate our customers and the business users with the message ‘Think Before You Click’.

Business’s today are facing increasing risks from cyber-attack, the consequences of which can be quite devastating, and often it comes down to a lack of awareness about the risks that ultimately leaves business’s exposed.

Criminals activity has changed significantly over the past 10 years and yet cyber crime statistics are probably the UK governments best kept secret. With most homes now protected by alarms, CCTV and live monitoring  we no longer feel the same threat from being burgled in our home.

Consequently we apply this same ‘sense of security’ to our online and technology use but the reality is very different. Most people have little understanding of the risks of the technology they are using and this makes it very hard to imagine how cyber crime is carried out.

We therefore unwittingly take minimal precautions to protect ourselves from an attack.

Over the past 10 years, criminals have effectively retraining in the use of technology to hack banks accounts and personal details, which is considerably more lucrative than breaking and entering the average home. Cyber criminals can cross national boundary’s to carry out their attacks and leave little or no trace of where they have come from or how they got in and stretched police forces across the world are effectively powerless to stop their advance.

Cyber crime is an epidemic in the making and we at Holker IT are advising our customers to get themselves aware of the risks, train their employees and above all else, ‘think before you click’.