Silver Lining

Cloud storage gives you access to your IT systems on demand, but it needs careful management and can be overwhelming for the new user.

We explain why the Holker Cloud is different, and how we can make it work for you.


The Cloud is the name given to the practice of moving applications, workflows, and just about any other information that needs to be stored, away from businesses offices or datacentres to be hosted by third parties.

In contrast to the traditional hosting that was prevalent in the early 2000’s, clients expect constant availability with self-service, flexibility, simplicity, quick provisioning and usage-based billing built in. Cloud accounts need expert management and Holker, with the Holker cloud, provides this.


It makes sense financially – all the costs which would have been traditionally applied to three- or five-year capex cycles are now put towards operating. The Holker cloud spreads these costs.

There’s no extra cost or time required to train IT Staff and deal with the complexity of managing your own IT hardware. We are there for all of this and to deal with problems including possible outages (and the fallout that these cause).

It removes the complexity of technology from your list of responsibilities, and leaves your crucial data, processes and tools in the hands of experts.

You will gain an expert technology specialist to look after your IT, covered by a monthly fee, that can be scaled up and down to suit your needs.


When people talk about the cloud, the first names that spring to mind are Microsoft, Google and Amazon, and while these global, multi-million-dollar businesses are great and work well, they are just not suited for everyone.

Using these services directly adds new levels of complexity for your business, whatever the size of your company. It may mean you need to employ an IT manager specifically to deal with your cloud services. The support costs of running expensive servers with the big cloud players can be crippling.

With Holker Cloud, your business deals directly with Holker. There are no service tie ins, third parties, licence requests or IT management required on your part, as we have all the tools, contacts, hardware, specialised service expertise and technology to deal with all the intricacies of IT for you. One helpdesk number is all you need.


The Holker Cloud puts security first. It is fundamental to everything we do and is built-in (not added-on) throughout all our services and support provision. It is present in the design of our infrastructure, not an expensive feature that you have to pay for separately.

Security breaches can not only damage your company’s reputation and finances, they can permanently damage your business.

Holker wraps its whole cloud offering in the Holker culture of honesty, integrity, friendliness and straight-talking. Holker takes the time to understand you, your business and your needs then creates a system that is completely bespoke for you. Holker talks IT in real language, with no jargon.


We understand that a lot of our clients don’t really care how Holker Cloud works, and don’t want to waste their time hearing about different technologies or the different types of firewalls, servers and switches we use.

A gardener wouldn’t expect you to ask about the different tools he uses for different types of soil. So, we wouldn’t expect you to ask about our kit either. Trust in us as experts, as you would a gardener. (Incidentally, if you did have a burning desire to know the serial number and type of firewall we used for your business and why we used it, we would be happy to tell you, just like the gardener would be happy to tell you about his trowels).

We are here to understand you, speak your language, and understand the way you work, so that the Holker Team can become an extension of your own team – hand- picked just for your business.

With Holker Cloud, your business deals directly with Holker. There are no service tie ins, third parties, licence requests or IT management required.